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 Who is Gaia Avani?


Who is Gaia Avani you may ask? I am, you are, she is, he is, they are, we all are Gaia Avani. We all are energy systems living off the planet we live on, we are of the earth. We live off of the goods produced by our planets' eco system and we are part of that balanced system. We are all connected by being on planet earth also known as Gaia and Avani same meaning just in different languages. So you see we all are Gaia Avani.

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Through research and study, natural plants, herbs and spices are used for medical treatment for different ailments. From generations of passed down knowledge of different properties for herbal remedies, we are able to see how the human body reacts to different treatments over time. We can maintain a healthy body by watching what we put into our bodies. By adding in plants, herbs and spices into our diets and daily regimen, we can balance out the nutritional benefits into our body system to disperse the nutrition where its needed.  By doing so we give our bodies a chance to rejuvenate and regenerate new healthy cells, making us feel better and less depressed and fatigued from daily living.  It's important to gain knowledge on how our bodies works and what will work for you and your body. If you are not sure what you may be allergic to or if you don't have any known allergens, we suggest and refer you to ask your family physician for an allergy test to find out what your allergens are.  By doing so, we will have better knowledge on suiting your needs and what Gaia Avani Naturals products will work for you and your system.

Here at Gaia Avani, we strive to meet the needs of our customers by providing natural and organic products.  Our body creams, lip balm, roll-ons and salves are made with natural and organic essential oils that help with blood circulation by stimulating the skin to retain moisture for less chapping with healing properties that are anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory to help with scar tissue, rashes and other skin irritations.

We want to be healthy and make changes to our lives as well as to our bodies. We're the healers of our own bodies and we care about our well being as well as others. We are people who are taking our health of self care to the next level. 

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