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The Healing Magic of Gaia Avani Naturals

Updated: May 5, 2021

As creators of Gaia Avani Naturals, we believe that the Earth is our Mother. She has the healing magic that has been given to us in the forms of life like plants, trees, herbs, minerals and spices. Our planet gives us everything we need to live and be healthy.

We just have to be smart about what we're putting on and in our bodies. We should also be aware of the damages that the elements can have on our bodies when we're exposed for longer than needed. So how do we repair the damages?

We repair the damages by putting back into our bodies the nutrients we need to regrow healthy cells.

You can topically apply ointments to the skin to help speed up the process of healing. By doing so, you help protect the skin from further damage due to the elements. When the skin is dehydrated, it can't reproduce new skin cells so its important to stay hydrated. Water is important; not only do we drink it for inner health, we clean our outer selves with it to clear away the dead cells. By doing so we give air to the new skin cells so the skin can breath and repair itself.

The magic healing also comes from within as to why its important to eat healthy in moderation. It takes a healthy body approximately 28 days to regrow skin cells and another 6 weeks to reach the surface of the top layer of skin. Some people with a poor diet may experience longer time for the skin to heal because lack of nutrients. It's also important to eat foods that high in antioxidants, vitamin C&E, omega-3 fatty acids and proteins that are healthy for your body.

Gaia Avani Naturals magic healing is that we have formulated our products to put the nutrients back into the skin replenishing the skin for fast healing. Also using the best known trees, herbs and plants for treating skin issues from damage and injury. All of us here at Gaia Avani Naturals use our products on a daily bases for their healing benefits. We would like you to experience the healing magic too by making Gaia Avani Naturals a part of your life.

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