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The story behind Papa's Pain Ointment

Updated: May 5, 2021

My fathers favorite pain ointment is the one I make so Gaia Avani Naturals named it after him, who everyone calls Papa. Now we want you all to have the same benefit and ointment that Papa uses. This product is excellent for sore and fatigued muscles and is mild on sensitive skin.

Papa's pain ointment from Gaia Avani Naturals

Would you like to have relief from sore, over worked muscles? Whether you prefer an over the counter product for pain relief or something stronger prescribed by a doctor - there’s now our product that gives our customers a natural, organic hand crafted herbal CBD ointment for everyone with sensitive skin. Papa's Pain Ointment is similar to other products like icy hot or tiger balm, but without the harsh chemicals and without the burn. Our product is safe for people with sensitive skin, as well as the injured and elderly.

Papa's pain ointment was created for papa as he has been aging over the years. Papa is a retired Army vet. He was in a accident years back while he was in the Army. he had injured his legs and even though its been over 35 since the accident he still suffers from physical pain. During winter times especially on cold days and when storms are about to roll in. The family noticed he had stopped using over the counter products. He said it was because they started to burn his skin making his skin raw. So we went to work on making a ointment that could give him the relief as well as heal his skin from the distress of having been in the elements for years, along with sun damage and the natural aging process.

Papa's no spring chicken so it's hard to pull the rug over the eyes of this old man. We had to make sure this pain ointment was going to work without making him feel like a test animal and more like the special caring and loving person he can be.

It's was years back when we tried our first pain ointment which turned out ok, but still was a bit harsh on his skin. Have you ever notice that the skin of elderly over time becomes thin and it loses its elasticity? We had to make the ointment treat the dry skin and allow it to heal. So we went back to the drawing board.#Giftsoflove #CBD #CBDointment #CBDsalve #CBDCREAM

Years passed and there have been many people doing testing with herbs and plants that help out with different illnesses and diseases. We decided to try some of them in our ointment. This approach seemed to be panning out and the test batches were working. We were very determined to help papa get relief and papa was being a great trooper, he would tell us what worked better and what didn't. We had things rolling and doing well. We were on the right track.

During this time we found many of our friends and family members were suffering from different kinds of illnesses including cancers. We were already believers that one plant stood out for it's healing properties only because we had been already using it for our pain and injuries. This plant is known as the cannabis plant also known as marijuana. However the plant was out of the question because of the THC, but great scientists have taken apart the plant and isolated the different cannabinoids without the THC. Now we can use them for certain illnesses and diseases. Making it to where we were able to add in the CBD into Papa's Pain Ointment. Now that we have added the CBD in Papa's Pain Ointment papa is very happy with the results. He enjoys using it so much he has been sharing it with his friends and family. Gaia Avani Naturals would like to share it with you, be part of the family and try it for yourself. .

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